We build sustainable and profitable businesses and believe in the timeless value of hard work. No shortcuts, no noise. We aim to attract partners who understand that a business without profitability is merely just a hobby. IPOs and buyouts are nice, but ultimately those are lotto tickets and we do not gamble. Sherman Capital focuses on providing our partners with the right tools to succeed on their own to build scalable and lucrative businesses.

Our values

  • We invest in businesses we understand and which we believe we can help grow
  • We believe ideas are many but execution is EVERYTHING!
  • We understand the importance of creating something of your own, and as a partner we are committed to do all that is necessary to help you grow.
  • What makes us different?


    Our Resources

    Besides funding, we provide the outsourcing resources you need to solve your problems fast, so that you can execute your vision. Sherman Capital believes that applying the right amount of people to solve a problem fast is better than tying you, and your company’s resources up. This way, you are able to scale up and down as needed.

    The People

    We do not hold MBAs or come from a specific investment banking background, rather, Sherman Capital consists solely of entrepreneurs with various backgrounds who have built successful companies with experience. We have personally been where you are today, therefore having the knowledge and experience on what it takes to turn your startup into a sustainable business.

    We Are Distributed

    We believe in a borderless and connected world, and as a company founded by distributed partners, we understand that there is an abundance of talent everywhere. And more often than not, this talent is overlooked. That is the gap we are determined to close. This means you should not be deterred from approaching us, just because you are not based in the “right” country or the “right” city.


    We believe in teamwork and collaboration. Each portfolio company’s access to Sherman is not restricted to just one board member, but is available to all.

    Quarterly Founder Summits

    Every three months, the founders of all our portfolio companies gather for a week long Founder Summit. Attendees connect, share ideas, ask questions, plan out roadmaps, and work together to help each other become a stronger, more efficient team.

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